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Here are answers to the most common questions future residents and their families have about Gateway Gardens.

Gateway Gardens

What kind of activities programs does Gateway Gardens have?

We have full-time activity professionals who provide a variety of daily activities specially designed for dementia residents. The following are some examples of different activities we offer on a weekly basis: bingo, arts and crafts, pet and music therapy, current events, trivia, pinochle club, dice and card games, exercise classes, walks, movies and much more. Music groups - such as accordion players, piano players and singing groups - perform at our facilities monthly.

Gateway is a specialized Memory Care Unit.

We have six Memory Care Houses. Each house has 15 residents and is designed to meet the special needs of residents living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. All Memory Care Houses are secured yet have ample amount of inside and outside common space to explore.

Does Gateway have a nurse on duty?

We have several full-time nurses and with few exceptions, one or more on site each day. We also have nurses available to answer our staff’s questions 24 hours a day.

Does Gateway have caregivers 24 hours a day?

We have caregivers on duty 24 hours a day, in three shifts, available to aide residents.

How is the food prepared at Gateway?

Breakfast is prepared in each individual house. Lunch and dinner are cooked for 3 houses at a time. This means our food does not taste “institutionalized”. Instead, our meals taste “home cooked”. We are also able to accommodate a wide variety of specialty diets, such as, diabetic, no-sodium, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.

How long can my loved one live at Gateway?

In most cases, residents can stay at Gateway until the end of life. However, if a resident needs skilled nursing care (24-hour IV’s, feeding tubes, etc.) then they will need to be transferred to a skilled nursing facility.